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We use third-party cookies on the website - the Google Analytics program of Google, Inc. It helps to analyze website traffic. Google Analytics anonymously collects information about the number of visitors, the location from which the website was used, and which parts of it were browsed. These cookies are created by Google Analytics, more about them at

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Title Description Expiry date
CMSSESSIDX A standard cookie used to maintain the user session, Short-term session cookies Until closing the website window
POLICY_STATISTICS A cookie used to recognize whether you have accepted the use of cookies on our website 3 years
_ga In most cases, this cookie is used to identify unique visitors to the page and is updated on each page view. In addition, this cookie is given a unique identifier that Google Analytics uses to ensure the validity and availability of the cookie as an additional security measure Until the end of the session
_gat This cookie is used by Google Analytics to limit the frequency of requests Until the end of the session
_gid This cookie is used by Google Analytics to distinguish users 24 hours